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1WIN with betting module

A complete solution for a bookmaker and a gaming portal

Modern UX/UI Templates

As well as a payment system using more than 30 cryptocurrencies included

New theme and unique personal account

WOO theme with a new personal account and replenishment with cryptocurrencies

Do you have an idea for improvement or a complaint about our product?

Contact support and get up to 1000 USD reward from our team. Let’s grow and improve the product together!

Wide variety of designs for a customizable casino

We are software developers at our disposal for more than 40 ready-made casino designs

Casino script
Gambling Soft 6.8 Full

Buy script casino GS 6.8 improved version.

Demo version of the casino with examples and costs

You can view sites on our platform using these links. These are examples of sites, some may not work and were made only to demonstrate the template:


Casino and Betting 2 in 1


login: Admin
pass: by request in the contacts of the site

Price: 45000$

CAT (top)

Casino and Betting 2 in 1

CAT (top)

login: Admin
pass: by request in the contacts of the site

Price: 23000$


Casino and Betting 2 in 1


login: Admin
pass: by request in the contacts of the site

Price: 21000$
Casino and Betting 2 in 1

login: Admin
pass: by request in the contacts of the site

Price: 23000$
Poker and Casino Module 2 in 1

login: Admin
pass: by request in the contacts of the site

Price: 20000$
Casino and Betting 2 in 1

login: Admin
pass: by request in the contacts of the site

Price: 19000$


Casino and Betting 2 in 1


login: Admin
pass: by request in the contacts of the site

Price: 16000$

login: Admin
pass: by request in the contacts of the site

Price: 9500$

Online casino solutions

Creation of a turnkey online casino: individual development and ready-made options

The price includes:

  1. Installation and configuration of the system (3-10 days), installation of your logo, after development, the software belongs to you and is sent with the mail to which the hosting is attached and all system files remain with you.
  2. Connecting a payment gateway, depending on your country to choose from: As a rule, this is VISA / MC / MIR + 20 major cryptocurrencies and stablecoins.
  3. Powerful cloud hosting for 1 year, domain, as well as full project setup with all systems. those. you get a casino ready for operation.
  4. The product code is transferred to you as property, you can customize the templates and configure the system as you like.

Software includes:

  1. Latest version of Gambling Soft Casino and Betting Management System (currently the fastest casino system)
  2. Admin panel with a huge range of functions (Quick instruction with video )
  3. Security system (Anti-fraud, Unreasonable winnings monitoring, BC arb tracking, Multi-account protection, payout moderation)
  4. Referral program
  5. Easily changeable theme (on Smarty template engine)
  6. Mobile version of the site and admin panel, as well as slots
  7. SEO module
  8. 9 built-in languages
  9. Customizable bonus system
  10. Customizable tournament system
  11. Live Casino
  12. DDOS protection
  13. Protection against domain locks (Automatic change of mirrors, closed VIP site)
  14. Log system (you all know what and when your players did each action is written)
  15. SMS (cost 1 sms – 10 cents) and mail EMAIL gateway

Before assembly, you can also order additional packages of slots (slot machines) and bookmakers:

  1. Main package: 350 most basic games (igrosoft, novomatic, yggdrasil, netent, play,n,go, belatra, etc.) + payment. (included with all sets), return of slots (RTP 1-99%) is regulated
  2. Expanded copy package 670 slots – prepayment 6% with GGR, return of slots (RTP 1-99%) is regulated by (connection 1600 $)
  3. Maximum package of copies of slots 1700 slots – prepayment 5% with GGR, return of slots (RTP 1-99%) is regulated by (connection 2650 $)
  4. Official slots without license 6000+ slots – prepayment 12% with GGR,
    return of slots (RTP 96-98%) is not regulated. (connection 5500 $)
  5. Betting module (prepaid 12% with GGR) example under the slider (connection $6500 if not included)

Technical support cost: $1980 includes: 40 hours of work by any specialist or several in turn (any modifications, work or consulting, as well as training), but it will come in handy in rare cases, since the system is not difficult to manage on your own. Suitable for partial project customization! After the purchase, you can change the design of the casino and customize the system as you like.

As a result, you get a completely turnkey casino with a profit of 40-60% of the turnover.


In addition to template products with little customization, you can purchase a casino with betting and turnkey support at the following prices:

Options Casino Lite Casino Pro Casino + Betting Pro Casino + Betting Premium
$ 7500 $ 15000 $ 25000 $ 50000
Domain 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year
Twin domains (mirrors) 3 3 5
Hosting 1 month 1 year 1 year premium 1 year premium vds
Casino engine (website) Standart Standart Premium Premium
Mobile version Yes Yes Yes Yes
Admin (back office) Lite Standart Premium black Premium black
Mobile version of the admin panel Yes Yes Yes Yes
Design Standart (Violet) Standart (Violet) + Сustom Standart (Violet) + Сustom Unique
Customisation Logo Logo, colors Logo, colors Logo, colors, office
Referral program Yes Yes Yes
Affiliate program Standart Standart Premium
Games/Slots (copies) 350 670 1700 6000 official copies
Live slots Yes
GGR for Games/Slots 9% 8% 7% 6%
Payment system Standart (Сrypto) Standart (Сrypto) + 1 Standart (Сrypto) + 1 Up to 3 payment systems
Seo module Standart Premium Premium
Protection from DDOS Attacks Standart Premium Premium
Protection against hacking and twisting bets (money) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Domain lock protection Standart Premium Premium
Multisite Yes
Promo codes Yes Yes
Bonus settings Yes Yes Yes
Tournament setup Yes Yes Yes
Customizable Jackpots 0 1 2 3
CDN (Content Distribution Network) Yes
Betting Yes Yes
GGR for Betting 15 % 15 %
Clients support Paid 1 month 1 month 3 month
The cost of a license ($) 60 000 55 000 50 000
Changing the payout coefficients of slots Yes
Ability to change currency Yes Yes Yes
Setting up VIP levels Yes Yes
Number of languages 1 2 3 5
POKER module Yes Yes
Multi-currency Yes Yes Yes

* – means that this option is not included in this package

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Absolutely anyone can become the owner of an online casino. The gambling business is profitable and promising, therefore it attracts practical and success-oriented people. You do not know how to open your own online gambling project and start earning money as soon as possible? Do you want to buy an online casino  at a bargain price? Then the best solution for you is to contact the Gambling Soft professionals.

Our company specializes in the professional development of software for casinos and gambling portals, from creating a turnkey casino to integrating solutions into your existing projects. Please, before contacting support, read all the information and try to find the necessary information on the site. We ask you to treat the operators with understanding, if you are not our client, we will not be able to give you all the information about the casino, often beginners contact us and require a lot of information, we are not consultants and do not train beginners in this area, we are engaged in software development .

Working conditions and answers to the most frequently asked questions.

We work only on an advance payment in the amount of 1/3 of the project cost. Payment can be made in USDT (trc20, erc20) or USDC without additional fees. It is also possible to pay by card and other methods, but in this case a small commission of 7% will be charged.

After the first payment, we install the engine on your hosting. After making the second part of the payment, we install the design and set up the games. After paying the third part, we install the payment system. After completion of all stages, the project will be ready to work.

Installation of additional games and payments, customization of the template or installation of an affiliate program – paid as additional work. The cost of customization is not large, as a rule, it is the payment of the time of the programmer / layout designer 1980 $ / 40 hours.

The casino can be created for any currency and for any country, you can install additional languages. For some countries, you will have to look for a payment system on your own to integrate with us.

The payment system is a work through the company’s payment gateway via API in which several payment systems have already been assembled, all funds are transferred to your personal account from which you can withdraw in any way to yourself or players to win.

We work and maintain only our own products, we do not fix third-party systems, it usually takes several years to fix and bring into working condition a casino script with bugs bought for 100-500 dollars.

Technical part:

All our casinos use on the Frontend:

  • html + css
  • JavaScript + AJAX
  • Processed by Smarty

On Backend:

  • php8
  • MySQL Database 8.0.32
  • Phpmyadmin for working with the database

Our software easily gets up on any hosting. At least 1 file in your product will be closed by ionCube to avoid being placed on public resources.
It is possible to purchase a license for your casino, the cost is 35,000 EUR on a turnkey basis. But you can work with off-slots without a license, but you won’t have Play&Go. But they can be replaced with high-quality copies.

Copies of slots (commission 6% from profit) and official slots (commission 12% from profit) work through API i.e. are loaded from the supplier’s server. We also have about 100 main slots of our own production. All slots are time-tested on working projects and only the most stable and high-quality ones are left.

Depositing and withdrawing funds for the casino owner is not difficult, as a rule, you can withdraw to any details. Also, you can easily withdraw funds to players, it does not cause any problems. The cashier does not need all the replenishment and the withdrawal is made automatically.

Project 1 / 8

A moment of our team’s history:

We, the Gambling Soft team, are proud of our experience in developing online casino software. Since 2004, we have been continuously working on improving our products and we know what quality service and reliability mean. For many years we have been developing and improving our casino system, which worked in a network of more than 500 active mirrors of Vulkan, Admiral and many other casinos – with a monthly turnover of several million rubles.

Thanks to the transition to the online industry, we have reached a new level of development and work with many clients from all over the world, whose casinos have a turnover of more than 50 thousand usd per month.

We do not sell dreams, but a real working product that has tested its weight in practice in real casinos. We guarantee free correction of all errors and bugs, and are always ready to listen and take into account the wishes of our customers.

Trust us, we work for you!

There are many more templates in private access, but as a rule, the ones presented are the most relevant and have the best conversion. For each template, you can individually assemble different game packages up to 7000 official slot machines. We create a product that will satisfy even the most fastidious player. Development according to your individual template on our engine, as a rule, costs from $19,000 to $35,000.

The services of creating a unique turnkey casino or purchasing a ready-made solution include:

  • drawing up technical specifications with the client, roadmap, collecting preferences;
  • creation of a server environment, location in neutral legal zones;
  • creating a unique and vibrant design for a gaming site;
  • platform connection, game providers (up to 70 pcs.), slot machines (over 4000 pcs.);
  • assistance in registration and integration of payment aggregators and individual solutions for any region;
  • software translation into another language at the request of the client;
  • connection of additional modules, including sports betting, scratch games, live and TV broadcasts;
  • SEO-promotion and project maintenance as a service.

Don’t have time to develop a gambling portal from scratch or learn an online casino platform? You can get your gambling business and start earning right now. It is enough to buy a ready-made online casino on our website. You don’t have to spend your time and energy thinking over the design or looking for interesting games, because the sites for sale are already equipped with the necessary functions.

If you have any questions or suggestions to improve our website or product, please feel free to contact our technical support through the contact details provided on our website. We are happy to continue communication and listen to your suggestions for improvement. For each realized offer, you can get a good discount on our products.

Slot machines for online casinos

Gambling Soft provides several large direct and indirect solutions for connecting slot machines. All our solutions include a bundled game list that includes up to 11,000 slots and up to 79 providers. For one integration, we can offer the following solution providers.

Gambling Soft
Gambling Soft
Gambling Soft
Gambling Soft
Gambling Soft
Gambling Soft
Gambling Soft
Gambling Soft
Gambling Soft
Gambling Soft
Gambling Soft
Gambling Soft
Gambling Soft
Gambling Soft
Gambling Soft
Gambling Soft
Gambling Soft
Gambling Soft
Gambling Soft
Gambling Soft
Gambling Soft
Gambling Soft
Gambling Soft
Gambling Soft
Gambling Soft
Gambling Soft
Gambling Soft
Gambling Soft
Gambling Soft

Gambling Soft services


  • SaaS and solutions in your server environment;
  • Protection against DDoS, XSS, SQL injection;
  • Back-code encryption;
  • Solutions for online and land-based casinos;
  • Modular structure. Connect new games, sports betting, payment systems, change the visual part of the site, add sections and tools;
  • Delegate roles, manage users and other portal settings.

Slot machines

  • Solutions complete with platforms and for your working portal;
  • Possibility of connecting slots without a license;
  • More than 70 providers and 10000 games;
  • Live, TV solutions and virtual sports from BetRadar;
  • Wide setting of parameters: from language and currency to the minimum bet and history of each player’s action;
  • Personal account with detailed statistics.

Payment solutions

  • Assistance in creating and integrating a payment gateway;
  • Ready-made solutions from payment aggregators;
  • More than 15 payment methods;
  • Over 5 currencies, as well as the ability to connect any local currency and method;
  • Personal account in the online checkout with statistics;
  • Payment protection, anti-fraud monitoring.

Support and promotion

  • Assistance in technical support of your game project;
  • Ability to connect affiliate platforms, create referral accounts;
  • SEO promotion and strategies for the best traffic acquisition;
  • Integration of additional marketing tools: SMS, e-mail newsletters, web push notifications, call center;
  • Creation of any control panels for specific needs (marketing, CRM, statistics, etc.).

Why should you contact Gambling Soft when choosing online casino software?

Advantages of our company:

  • Low prices compared to competitors, which is a definite plus for beginner casino operators;
  • A wide range of products that can be connected to your game project without licenses;
  • Fast technical and consulting support;
  • Most of our decisions are completely under your control, not ours (as with White Label collaboration);
  • Extensive experience in running the gaming business, best practices for clients;
  • Fast integration, usually taking a couple of weeks.

Creation of unique and catchy online casinos is our main specialization. If you want to improve your business, then you should not look for specialists and contact different companies. Our professional web development team will help you get your gaming portal up and running in no time.

Do you have suggestions to improve our product?

Write to us about it and get up to 1000 USD reward from our team. Let’s develop and improve the product together!


Complaint about our product or quality of service?

Our operators will forward your request directly to the directors of the company.