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Number of games from 300 to 3000 pcs.
Demo games yes
Jackpot yes
Bonuses yes
Content management yes
Marketing rools yes
Affiliate program internal and external
Payment solutions more than 15 payment methods
Integration and customization yes
Plugins sports betting, blockchain confirmations, affiliate modules, other custom plugins

Online casino in 2021 is a promising business that can bring significant income to its owner. In order to achieve high traffic and conversion of the gaming site, increase its popularity, the gaming portal should be distinguished by the convenience of the interface, interesting and catchy design, wide functionality and the presence of many games, which is fully provided by this online casino platform. High-quality and optimized software is responsible for the listed characteristics.

Platform for any gambling business – Gambling Soft

The Gambling Soft platform includes four globally variable parts:

  • Appearance. Change the design and interface in a short time in whole or in part. The platform has an API for interacting with the visual part, which allows you to customize the site elements for yourself;
  • Game bundles. Any version of our platform supports direct and indirect integration of game providers. For example, you can cooperate and receive statistics on slots both in the personal account of the platform, and directly in the account of the gaming provider. For an additional fee, our specialists can connect up to 3000 games from 50 providers, including live, TV, lotto and virtual sports;
  • Payment methods. We support many global and local destinations, including various currencies, for virtually all countries and regions. Create two different projects for Asia or Europe with different payment and withdrawal methods or a single solution for everyone – it’s up to you!;
  • Plugins. Do you want a blockchain cryptocurrency casino? Or a betting solution integrated into your casino? The Gambling Soft platform supports many plugins: from modest referral accounts and panels to an affiliate SaaS section and a poker room for several players.


Examples of casinos on this platform:

  1. Violet Casino;
  2. Gringo Casino;
  3. Cat Casino;

Additionally, upon request, we can create for you a visual part of any existing casino and sports betting project for non-commercial purposes. Also, our team is engaged in support and promotion of clients’ projects.


Become the owner of an online casino and to profit from the gaming business via the Internet any person – enough to buy a high-quality software to control gambling-portal. On our website you will find powerful script GoldSvet 5.5 that allows you to run your own business.

The basic soft GoldSvet 5.5 include:

  • access more than 250 flash games;
  • cumulative and progressive jackpot;
  • emails to the players (transactional and marketing);
  • the accrual of bonuses (for registration, returns, replenishment and other actions);
  • the ability to edit pages in the admin panel;
  • presence of the affiliate program;
  • participation in tournaments;
  • the ability to configure the system and interface games;
  • accruing VIP points with money conversion at your chosen rate;
  • receive reports on the work of the casino (e.g., player activity);
  • more 15 ways of receiving payments;
  • the setting of the wager;
  • recharge PIN codes.

After purchase and setup script you will be able to manage online casinos alone or to set the mode of the cashier.



Options Casino Lite Casino Pro Casino + Betting Pro Casino + Betting Premium
$ 7500 $ 15000 $ 25000 $ 50000
Domain 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year
Twin domains (mirrors) 3 3 5
Hosting 1 month 1 year 1 year premium 1 year premium vds
Casino engine (website) Standart Standart Premium Premium
Mobile version Yes Yes Yes Yes
Admin (back office) Lite Standart Premium black Premium black
Mobile version of the admin panel Yes Yes Yes Yes
Design Standart Standart + Сustom Standart + Сustom Unique
Customisation Logo Logo, colors Logo, colors Logo, colors, office
Referral program Yes Yes Yes
Affiliate program Standart Standart Premium
Games/Slots 350 1250 1950 3000
Live slots Yes
GGR for Games/Slots 9% 8% 7% 6%
Payment system Standart (Сrypto) Standart (Сrypto) + 1 Standart (Сrypto) + 1 Up to 3 payment systems
Seo module Standart Premium Premium
Protection from DDOS Attacks Standart Premium Premium
Protection against hacking and twisting bets (money) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Domain lock protection Standart Premium Premium
Multisite Yes
Promo codes Yes Yes
Bonus settings Yes Yes Yes
Tournament setup Yes Yes Yes
Customizable Jackpots 0 1 2 3
CDN (Content Distribution Network) Yes
Betting Yes Yes
GGR for Betting 15 % 15 %
Clients support Paid 1 month 1 month 3 month
The cost of a license ($) 60 000 55 000 50 000
Changing the payout coefficients of slots Yes
Ability to change currency Yes Yes Yes
Setting up VIP levels Yes Yes
Number of languages 1 2 3 5
POKER module Yes Yes