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Instructions for the system

Instructions for working with the Gambling Soft system

How to login to the admin panel

To access the admin panel, go to: https://your_site/adm/.

Standard login details:

Login: Admin
Password: 179348625

Editing access from the admin panel and other key system settings is done in the config.php file, which is located in the root of the site. A detailed analysis of this file is at the end of this manual.

How can I get to the hosting where my casino is located?
Service access link: The data is given to you after the final stage of development.

How to get into the database of my casino?
Address: https://your_site/myadmin/.
Login and password are in your root in the config.php file.

How to access corporate mail?
Link: or by downloading the mobile application: “Titan: App for Titan” or by request “Titan mail”.
Email and password will be given to you after the final stage of development.

Parking and linking a mirror or a new domain to the site
1) For the domain (on the service where the domain was purchased), we specify in the settings an A-record with the IP address of the server on which the script is installed. You can find out the IP address of the server in the “Hosting -> Account -> Details -> Site Details.
2) Login to your hosting via the link: The data is given to you after the final stage of development.
Add a domain to the Hostinger panel (In the Hostinger panel, this is called “Domain Parking”).


Tabs in the site admin panel

Game Accounts

General tab with users. Here you can search for the desired users by entering a login, e-mail or phone number in the search field. In live mode, you can replenish and withdraw the balance, change the number of points, and also change the status (role) of the user.

Status types:

  • Admin – administrator.
  • Cashier is a cashier who has the right to assign balances to other users.
  • Gamer is a player.
  • Banned is a banned user.

A user with administrator rights can delete and create new users directly from this page. By default, 30 users are loaded per page.



Adding and editing tournaments.

All fields are filled with text and numbers, including the field with a picture and a banner. In this field, it is enough to specify the name of the image with the extension, for example, image.png. The image is placed at /templates/theme_name/images/tournaments/. Image size 600*600 pixels.



The section has the following subsections:

  • For registration;
  • Deposit;
  • No deposit;
  • VIP points;
  • Returns;
  • Free spins;

Each item has the same functionality, which is responsible for adding, removing and editing bonuses for various actions.

All fields are filled with text and numbers, including the field with a picture. In this field, it is enough to specify the name of the image with the extension, for example, image.png. The picture is placed at /templates/theme_name/img/betnew/bonus/.


Game categories (only works for scripted slots)

Using the section, you can edit existing categories, add new ones, and delete existing ones. When specifying settings, you must specify the name, position in the menu, url and determine whether the category is related to one of the providers.


Game settings (only works for scripted slots)

In the game settings section, the minimum and maximum bet sizes are set, as well as the size of the winning pot.


To configure all slots more flexibly, you need to go to the database.

Address: https://your_site/myadmin/.

Login and password are in your root in the config.php file.

We select the game_settings table, in which you can configure the slots very flexibly.

List of settings:

  • On the main page, they are grouped by the popular field.
  • g_view – whether slots are enabled: 1 – enabled, 0 – disabled.
  • provider – slot provider.
  • g_name is the system slot name for our engine.
  • g_href – link to the slot from the slot host.
  • hoster – hoster name.
  • device – which devices it can run on.
  • g_title – the name of the slot that you see in the browser.
  • g_bank – how much the slot has collected in the bank.
  • g_in – how much money the slot received in total.
  • g_out – how much money the slot gave away in total.
  • popular – how many times the slot has been launched.
  • g_counter – number of players in this slot.


System settings

Deprecated section, as config.php file is currently used.

Section with general settings, engine. This section has the following tabs:


General settings

Basic site settings, including name, default language, blocking, and more.


Payment systems

Payment systems management. Activation of various payment systems, depending on the need.

The main ones are the following:

  • Visa/Mastercard;
  • QIWI output;
  • Withdraw Yandex Money (Yumoney);
  • WebMoney withdrawal;

You can activate, deactivate and set the minimum / maximum withdrawal amount and commission.


Return percentage

1). Setting for Slots API

It is configured in the personal account of the slot hoster. For example, Login and password are given to you after the final stage of development. There are other cabinets, it depends on the hoster of this game. For official slots, the return is not configurable and is fixed.

2). Setting for script slots

Setting the return percentage allows you to set the spin limit and set the percentage of SB and BB. (part of the bet in the Spin Bank and Bonus Bank).


Game Interface

Now it is configured in the slot hoster’s personal account, and this setting is for scripted slots. In this section, you can configure game loading, buttons, background, sound and balance view.


Bot statistics

Bot statistics, bot update frequency, logins that will be displayed in the statistics, bets and winnings.



Contact settings for support and communication with the site administration.


SMTP settings

SMTP mail server settings. Settings for sending emails, from whom, sending method, type of emails, as well as host, login, password and server port for sending.


VIP points

Rules for assigning levels with the ability to edit and add new levels.

All fields are filled with text and numbers, including the field with a picture. In this field, it is enough to specify the name of the image with the extension, for example, image.png. The picture is placed at /theme_name/img/betnew/vip/. The size of pictures is 180*180 pixels.


PIN code

Creation and use of vouchers.

Ability to create vouchers with different denominations, activate and deactivate them, as well as specify the number of uses. The table displays existing vouchers with amount, status and activation date. The voucher ID is generated automatically.

The voucher can be printed, which is great for working at a land-based casino or for various contests and sweepstakes.


Email template

This section defines email templates for the following cases:

  • When registering;
  • When a new password is received;
  • When replenishing;
  • When paying the bill;
  • If payment is denied;
  • Account activation;
  • At the start of the tournament;
  • At the end of the tournament;

Each letter has a convenient visual editor and a save button.



A formatable field with a submit button. Using this page, you can make a mass mailing to users: notify about a promotion, new bonuses, etc.



List of pages with full control. You can delete, edit and add new pages. You can specify SEO settings, and there is also a convenient text editor.



GGR balance for copies of slots aggregated by us – when this balance runs out, the slots stop working, this is the amount that users can wager in games at your casino. Does not apply to third party hosts.


Gamer Statistics

Search for statistics on a specific player.

We indicate the login, select the type of information requested and download the data for the player of interest to us.



Select data by date or date range.

Under the fields with date selection is a table with the results of the selection.


Profit Today

The first table displays account replenishment and the percentage of the plan completed.

The conclusions already made are shown below.

Also here we see the profit of the casino and applications for withdrawal of funds. Follow the link https://site/adm/adm.php?a=fullfinstat and see who needs to withdraw funds.


How to withdraw funds?

If Freekassa is connected, the money is automatically sent to FKWallet, and then we withdraw it to any details from FKWallet.

After we sent it to the output, click “Submit” on the tab https://website/adm/adm.php?a=fullfinstat.

The Freekassa website is, and go to the FKWallet wallet https: // (as a rule, the data comes to your email address during development)



Adding a new site, adjusting the settings of existing projects.

Click on the “Add group” button and the fields for adding will open:

  • Main domain – the main domain of the site.
  • Theme (appearance) – select the site theme.
  • SEO title – SEO title for the main page.
  • SEO description – a short description of the main page.
  • VIP domain – specify the VIP domain. If there is no such domain, then we specify any arbitrary address, since the field cannot be empty. IMPORTANT: The address must not be identical to the one specified in the Primary Domain field.
  • H1 is the h1 heading for the main page.
  • Banned (RKN) – blocked domains by Roskomnadzor.
  • Aliases (each on a new line) – aliases.
  • robots.txt – site indexing settings.
  • Code in the header – the code that is displayed in the header of the site (specify the tags in the header and also the messenger or metric).
  • Code in the footer – the code that is displayed in the footer of the site (for example, you can insert a messenger or metric).
  • Content – home page content.

To link an additional domain, first you need to link it in the hosting settings, then specify it in the site control panel. The domain is automatically linked to the first group, if you don’t link it to a separate group.


Site referral system

The page with the conditions is located at the link https://your_site/refsystem

The default settings for each system are:

  • 10 rubles for each registered user.
  • Your income is 30% from each replenishment of a registered user.

You can use it to attract traffic or give a referral link to a blogger from your account. Then from all deposits he will receive a percentage for himself, and you can see how much he needs to pay. Or you can ask him to make a separate account so that he takes the link himself and sees how much he raised funds. Then his percentage will be automatically credited to his balance.


Parsing the configuration file

config.php file

General settings

$_SESSION [‘enable_logs’] – enabled (true) or disabled (false) php error output.

$admin_password – Administrator password with Admin login.

$base_lang – site base language, us – English.

$currency – site base currency RUB, USD, EUR, UAH – in international format


Database settings

$mysql_login – database login.

$mysql_password is the user’s password.

$database – database selection.

$hostname – database host.


Freekassa payment settings

$merchantid – Merchant ID.

$apikey – API key.

$secred1 – secret code 1.

$secred2 – secret code 2.


Skycrypto payment settings

$skycrypto_token – Skycrypto token.

$skycrypto_api_href – Skycrypto API path.


Slotegrator Hoster Settings

$slotegrator_merchantId – Merchant ID.

$slotegrator_merchantKey – merchant key.

$slotegrator_api – API path.


B2bslots Hoster Settings

$b2bslots_operator_id – ID of the slots operator.


Static files directory

$cdn_path_image – path to the folder with static files (pictures of games, etc.).


Dashamail mailer settings

$dashamail_api – API key.


Editing the appearance of the site

All templates are located in the /templates/ folder, followed by the template folder. It will be named depending on the purchased product, as well as the default folder with system pictures and game icons.

When editing, make a backup (backup copy) of the template so that in case of a breakdown you can return to the base version. Keep in mind that with self-customization, you lose the warranty on the software. As practice shows, it is more profitable and better to turn to our specialists who are already experienced in this field.



Any customization of the system is paid separately, to discuss the details, contact the manager: @GamblingSoftOriginal.

Please note that when purchasing our turnkey products, your training is not included in the price and is paid separately, if it is not specified in your tariff plan.

There is also a tariff for training and maintenance of your casino during the month, the cost is 990 USDT.