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Payment methods

There are two ways to payment software: through the aggregator or by transferring funds to our cryptocurrency wallet in Bitcoin.

Payment through the website

Add the software you need to the basket and click “Place an order”. After that, fill in the form fields, indicating your last name, first name, contact e-mail and phone number. Leave a note to the order if necessary. After checking the correctness of the entered data, pay for the order with the proposed method on the payment gateway page.

Available methods:

  • Visa/Mastercard;
  • Yandex Money (YooMoney);
  • Ethereum.


Payment for the order is available at any time of the day, it is enough to contact our specialists at the indicated contacts.

Buy via Bitcoin

Contact the manager of our company at the indicated contacts and voice your order to him. After discussing the nuances, we will send our BTC account, to which the corresponding amount should be transferred.