As a guarantee, Gambling Soft recommends that all our customers conduct transactions through major guarantee services and freelance sites. To ensure the safety of your money until the time you receive the selected software, the reliable service will be used as standard. It allows you to quickly and without risk check and implement the planned online transaction.

The service works as follows:

  1. customer place an order and transfer money for a software guarantor;
  2. we send files to the buyer;
  3. the client checks the quality of the received software and reports the success of the transaction to the guarantor;
  4. money is transferred in favor of the seller.

The guarantor acts as the third disinterested person in the concluded online transactions and ensures that their parties comply with the terms of the agreement. The service is paid by the seller, and the guarantor is selected at the discretion of the buyer.

Gambling Soft Warranties – Using Third-Party Services

If you want to use third-party services to complete a transaction, then we are ready to work with the following sites:

  • (for customers from English-speaking countries);
  • (for users from Ukraine).

We also support payment through these services in your local currency. The percentage for a secure transaction, in this case, is paid by the buyer of the software.