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Open vacancies:

  • Full Stack PHP developer:  open recruitment for 12 employees (middle – senior levels) 8-32 USD/hour.
  • Frontend developer – 2 employees 6-16 USD/hour
  • Testers – 4 employees (junior php or forentend are suitable). 3-5 USD/hour
  • Heads of development department: 2 people 8-20 USD/hour
  • HR specialist – 1 employee (8 – 16 USD/hour or by volume) probationary 8 USD/hour

Working conditions:

  • Working hours for each employee: on weekdays from Mon-Fri from 8:00 – 17:00 from 13:00-14:00 lunch break. Saturday from 8:00 – 12:00. Sunday is a day off.
  • On weekdays it is recommended to work from 6 to 10 hours according to TimeDoctor
  • Compliance with the Grandfather Lines of each task is necessary.
  • Remuneration consists of: work time depending on your rate per hour + bonus (5-30%) for the systematic completion of tasks without violating deadlines. Additionally, a 3-20% bonus for the overall results of the team. Hourly pay data is automatically calculated by the TimeDoctor program. And we analyze the task report in Jira.
  • It is mandatory to independently check the results of your work on different devices, under different conditions.

A little about the company:

We, the Gambling Soft team, are proud of our experience in developing software for online casinos. Since 2004, we have been constantly working to improve our products and know what quality service and reliability mean. Over the years, we have developed and improved our casino system, which worked in a network of more than 500 active mirrors of Vulcan, Admiral and many other casinos – with a monthly turnover of several million rubles.

Thanks to the transition to the online industry, we have reached a new level of development and work with many clients from all over the world, whose casinos have a turnover of more than 50 thousand US dollars per month.