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Not a single online casino in the world does without live games. Our company is pleased to present you live games from the manufacturer of TVBet at an affordable price! All broadcasts take place in real time, 24 hours, 7 days a week. Each client is given a personal account in the system and the ability to charge promo codes to users.


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What games are included in the package?

Let’s look at all the manufacturer’s available games:

  • 1bet. This is a brand new, very simple and fast LIVE game in which 1 out of 37 balls is dropped. The advantage of 1Bet is that the player is provided with a simple and intuitive interface that combines the experience of lotto and wheel of fortune. The player opens up new possibilities for applying his tactics and strategies in a completely new format. A certified lotto-machine gives a guarantee of a completely honest and random result of the game;
  • Wheelbet. This is a simple and fast LIVE game that combines the game principles of a simple wheel of luck and elements of American roulette. The host starts the game with a greeting, first slightly rotates the wheel counterclockwise, and then slightly starts it in free rotation clockwise to determine the result;
  • Poker. A popular online game, as in other casinos and betting houses. It works according to the well-known rules of Texas Hold’em Poker;
  • Elemental War. The War uses one regular deck of 52 cards. The player receives the first card, then, after a short time, the dealer. The cards on the table are compared and the winner is determined, the result may be the victory of the dealer or player. In the game, a battle is possible if the cards of the player and the dealer are the same, then there is no winner and this is the third possible result of the game;
  • 21bet. The game is an analogue of blackjack, which works according to the same rules. The confrontation occurs between the player and the dealer;
  • Jokerbet. At regular intervals in a single deal, the dealer opens only one card. The Jokerbet uses one deck of 54 cards (a standard deck, but with two red and black jokers) with a red or blue shirt. The simplicity of the rules of the game Jokerbet provides, a simple set of bet options: the exact value of the next card, suit, color of the card, a card with a digital or non-digital value;
  • 5bet. This is a quick game in which 5 of 36 balls are dropped. The peculiarity of 5bet is that the player is given a unique opportunity to bet on their favorite combinations of numbers and colors several times in advance according to the terms of the express or ordinar;
  • 7bet. The analogue of the game is higher, but with a lot of balls;
  • Keno. Same as regular Keno, but in real time. Ball number options – up to 80 pcs.


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