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Development and creating games for online casino

Creating games for online casino is a multi-stage process, which includes a huge number of tasks: from design and launch, to testing and debugging errors that appear during the game. But, fortunately, our Gambling Soft team has been assembling custom-made casino slots for a long time. We are ready to offer you to assemble any slot machine, table games, non-standard emulators – prices start from $300 !

Ready assembly of 50 slots you can look at our website here.

Here are some advantages of developing an online casino slot game to order:

  • No royalties or commissions to the manufacturer;
  • Fine-tuning settings (RTP, Freespins, Bonus-game, Risk-game);
  • No license is required to install the gaming machine on the site;
  • There is no binding to a specific platform / country / device – everything is universal.

This solution is ideal for those who want to update their list of online games on their gambling project, or for those who do not need a huge range of slots, but specialize in a certain type of players (lotto / keno players; card games with poker, baccarat, blackjack; who lacks a few slot machines for a complete collection).


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